Welcome To Earthyear!

Christians Caring For The Earth

Earthyear began as a series of events during 2015 to promote engagement with climate change in the Southern Synod of the United Reformed Church. 2015 was a crucial year for the planet, as the world’s leaders prepared for the United Nations climate change summit in Paris in December.

The Earthyear website now hosts news and information to resource Christians to continue to engage with issues about the environment and climate change. There was a huge amount of support from the world’s faith communities expressed at the Paris summit. A big challenge faces us all if we are to change to more sustainable, peaceful and just ways of living together on this planet. It’s important that Christians continue to play our part in this change, and Earthyear can help you!

See the Events page for details of forthcoming actions, conferences and other events.

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Look at the News and Views list for … um … news and views

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To Earthyear!”

    1. That’s a very good question, David! Watch this space. Meanwhile, if you fancy writing to any of the English synods or URC national Church House, that would be great. There are some of us doing what we can, but it’s a tough hill to climb & company is welcome.
      Did you read the blog post – Scotland Shows The Way?


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